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Open Opportunities

Baker's Assistant

Looking for a friendly hard working assistant to help me carry out all bakery duties! We are growing and want someone

who loves people, art and baking as much as we do. 


Starting Pay: $10/hour 


Schedule: Thursday-Friday 12pm-4pm/ Saturday-Sunday 2pm-6pm

Start Date: TBD



  • At least 6 months experience working in the kitchen and in customer service

  • Ability to receive instruction and apply promptly


  • Assist baker in cooking and preparations of cakes, pastries and other items

  • Maintain the premises of baking area in a neat and hygienic manner

  • Assist baker in lifting heavy sacks of flour and other baking items

  • Assist bakers in operating baking machineries and implements

  • Maintain and sanitize baking utensils, tools, implements and machinery

  • Develop and create new delicious bakery products and recipes

  • Develop decorative cakes and pastries to meet customers’ orders and tastes

  • Ensure total customer satisfaction through baking of delicious bakery products

  • Strictly adhere to food safety laws and standards while preparing bakery products

  • Answer phone calls  and emails

  • Assemble boxes and packaging 

  • Design and print labels

  • Shop for supplies and deliver items

  • Assist at pop up events 

Art and Decorating Instructor

Looking for energetic artists to work in a creative and exciting environment! We are all about having FUN and providing a relaxing atmosphere to unwind. Our classes are a PARTY, and you are the host!


Starting Pay: $20/hour 


Schedule: Friday-Sunday 5pm-7pm

Start Date: TBD


  • At least 6 months similar experience and in customer service

  • Ability to receive instruction and apply promptly

  • Ability to work nights and weekends


  • Must be able to guide classes of up to 50 people through a two/three hour class

  • Set up for class, clean-up, check in customers and reconcile payments and attendance

  • Attend instructional class at Mandah Bakes to learn new technique and application

Come Work With Us!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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